You, your loved ones and your house are all safe…

We want to provide the safest environment for you and your family. And we know that the private fire exits from every apartment, controlled entrances to the site, security cameras in the outdoors and many special security installations will give you a peace of mind 24/7.

Fire indicators
Smoke indicators
Fire fighting system
2 fire escapes in each building
1 exit directly from each flat to the fire escape

Tradition and modern life in one place…

Along with the traditional apartments designed for customs and family culture; Diwan Residential Compound also has more modern flats for anyone who wishes a new twist in their homes. We have an option for any need and taste.

Most special way of living in an apartment

Diwan Residential homes were built to offer you a practical and enjoyable life at home. Garbage chutes in the building saves you time while the design of the apartments make life much easier. Floor gardens for socializing and enjoying the nature in the building, spacious floor halls and 2 elevators that end the problems of any inconvenience… Your home life is efficient as can be.

Operator buildings for communication
Building management
Shafts for maintenance from outside the flat
1 interior stair
Pre-paid heating system
Water treatment plants
Main electric sub station
Power generators to supply electricity during power cuts
2 basements for each building (one for electric and mechanics and 2 guards)
Storage rooms for each flat