A new city in the city...

Mosul is rising again in Diwan Residential. This massive 3-stage project that will become the new center of life is offering its residents a new life at a matchless area. With a unique location, functional and versatile social areas, apartments enriching life with their privileges and a structure that brings all aspects of life together in one place; a breath of fresh air, a new colour, a new city is rising in Diwan Residential Compound…

A peerless unique project

Diwan residential Compound is offering a colossal living area to the city. In this first for Mosul project, there is something for everyone.

Only address of the breath taking view

We are carrying the peace of the green and the water with Mosul’s lush Tigris River view. With its high location, every apartment gets to enjoy the amazing view, regardless of their floor.

A new technique, a special design…

The multi-storey building designs are enriched with the tunnel formwork system and a new design.

Site List

  • Ceramic tiles (Kütahya Ceramic) on interior floors
  • Non-skid ceramic tiles for balconies
  • Ceramic tiles on the walls of the bathrooms, WC and kitchens
  • Granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Satine paint on ceilings
  • Eastern and Western type toilets
  • Wallpaper in corridors and living rooms in 151
  • Wood parquet floors in reception/living rooms in apartments 170 & 180
  • Wallpaper on interior walls in 170 & 180
  • Marble and granite tiled apartment entrances, halls and floors
  • Steel main entrance doors
  • Stainless steel handrails for balconies and windows