Versatile and welcoming

Diwan Villas are designed to appeal to all types of families, large or small. You can adjust the buildings to your liking and needs by separating the house into different units for a smaller space, or use the house as a whole to enjoy the large interiors.

Nothing but the best

Diwan Villas present you the finest quality behind their doors. High ceilings, finest materials in interior decoration and first class installations are designed to impress as well as to last many years in pristine condition. Large interiors with natural daylight, spacious rooms, multiple bathrooms and plenty of storage areas are designed to make your domestic life easy and enjoyable for everyone. In Diwan Villas, your home is both practical and stylis

Peace of security

We designed your house to make sure you and your loved ones were safe, as well as your belongings. High outer walls, controlled gates and security installations in your home protect you, while your personal parking area protects your vehicles.