Investor’s Words

For the sake of Mosul, the city in which I was born, grew up, learned and lived, I offer all the engineering experience I gained over twenty years and offer all the exceptional efforts I have made in this vital project that is considered one of its kind in Iraq in general and in Nineveh governorate in particular.

I offer this project as a sign of loyalty to my city to be an architectural edifice that simulates the Assyrian civilization and the historical landmarks of Nineveh and to make Mosul take its position amongst the architectural development all over the world.

I pray to Almighty Allah to guide me to satisfy all the tastes and all the categories in this distinguished architectural edifice that is relevant to my city Mosul and my beloved country Iraq.

Thakwan Z. ALSaffar
Company Manager

Architect’s words

‘Diwan Mosul Compound Project’ is a milestone in my 14 years of architectural design experience and multidisciplinary design coordination life. Two years ago, when I first started to work on the Project, I dreamed a new, modern and comfortable life for Mosul community; which take the roots from the valuable history of Ninevah city with attainable luxury. I worked on every detail of the project, in a widespread scale starting from small scale of kitchen design, next step with interior furniture layout, and the small scale drawings are combined with big scale details. I worked with love and passion in every detail of the project, not only the architectural design, also models with surrounding environment, 3D renderings, interior design, catalogues, logo, and the coordination of engineering projects.

Diwan Mosul Compound site is like an eagle nest, it has the maximum view of the Tigris River and the unique Mosul city scene. I used all the advantages of site, which will be a landmark in the main Mosul-Dohuk Boulevard. Every building comprises a relation with is surrounding environment and the lovely Mosul city view. This project will open a new way of life in the Mosul people’s life with unforgettable experience.

After 2 years, I am happy and proud to see that we have finished this big, challenging and exciting project. We faced too many problems, but we solved every problem with rational and solid solutions and in the sake of human. I will never forget the design period of the project that we have completed with my incredible team. Also I would like to thank to Mr. Thakwan for the moral support and rational attitude that he maintained all the design period, even though the big pressure on his shoulders.

Architect, M. Sc.
Chief Design Architect and the Project Coordinator